The Harrison twins are International Fitness models and Online Coaches. They have been training now for a number of years and have a vast amount of knowledge on diet and training and how to get the best results possible for there clients.

They have featured in fitness magazines, Celebrity magazines, national newspapers and websites across the globe for their identical physiques and their uniqueness within the fitness and health industry.

They run european fitness boot-camps in the UK and Europe expanding their training knowledge to others trying to help them achieve their goals.

Both are former Pro footballers having a career stints at Bolton Wanderers, Carlisle Utd and Morecambe FC as teenagers. After their Pro contracts ended in Football they became personal trainers and have trained clients at some of the most prestige gyms in the north of England. They are now some of the most well known Fitness models in the fitness industry in the UK and Europe.

Owen is a former Royal Marines Commando serving 4 years within the Marine corps completing the hardest military training course in the world at the young age of 17 years old and finishing training as a first class marine in 2008.

Both Athletes are extremely professional within their jobs and the industry itself, they live and breathe fitness and are known to be the most aesthetic twins in Britain and Europe.